This is How it Begins…

Welcome to Sector 2!

This is a video game news website dedicated to bringing up the latest in video game related news, reviews, impressions, and discussions surrounding any and all topics of gaming. As our operation grows we hope to bring you content, not only through articles on this site, but through videos, streams and podcasts as well.

For our first week of content we’ll be releasing previews of some of the various games a team and I checked out from the Games Developers Conference. So check back here for more updates throughout the week.

To end off the site’s inaugural post I have a message from our founder to you.

–  Patrick-James Reyes, Director of Operations


Greetings reader,

This here is something of an… opening statement of sorts. A mission statement…an open letter if you will.

You see, I love video games… My staff loves video games… And if you are here reading this, it is obvious you share some degree of affection for this little slice of entertainment as this is a website dedicated to the topic of video games. For us here, video games represent a form of grand escapism. And through that escapism we find ourselves in scenarios we’ve only dreamed we could imagine ourselves partaking in… Whether it is by one’s self or in the company of others… Whether out in the reaches of space in the far flung future or in ancient ruins whilst donned in shinning armor, waiting for one’s mettle to be tested… Whether it’s to find one’s self in the thick of heated battle or to indulge in the serenity of peaceful worlds.

Whatever the reason may be, gaming is a joy to folks such as ourselves… And chances are you, like us, do not simply limit ourselves to just one world…one sector of the gaming realm..vast as it is. And more so it may be difficult to find the right ones to connect to let alone be among a community accepting of whatever world you partake in.

That is why I have created Sector 2. We here pride ourselves in becoming a central hub of sorts for you and others like you to traverse between various sectors of gaming. Though we start small our ambition is to provide you, the gamer, with news, reviews, and insight around the gaming industry to better provide you with information to aid you in making informed choices about the worlds you wish to partake in, and to connect with others who have similar interests.

No single console, computer, or mobile platform will be shunned out. Our agents strive to deliver unbiased hard information to help inform your purchases. Yet at the same time will freely provide their personal opinions for those wanting open uncensored discussion.

Our goal is to help our fellow gamers stay informed, interact, and help enhance their enjoyment of the worlds they encounter, and in turn we hope that you too could become agents in helping spread the word while at the same time breaking barriers between various sectors of gaming.

We are all gamers here… and no matter the precise genre or particular reasoning behind a particular sector we all still have a common thread when it comes to an interest in video games – console wars and elitism be damned. We will strive to free ourselves from such categorization and division…

We…are Sector 2. And we will serve to connect our worlds…one sector at a time.

–  The Director of Sector 2


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