Latest Halo 5 Content Update Arrives

343 Industries latest content drop for Halo 5: Guardians dubbed “Ghosts of Meridian” has been released, and with it comes a launch trailer to celebrate its arrival.

Among the featured content in this update are two maps. One for the Warzone gamemode named Skirmish at Darkstar. The other is an Arena map called Tyrant. In addition to these new battlegrounds are two new vehicle variants and a plethora of new aesthetic items to customize the look of one’s Spartan.

The update comes in at a little more than 8 gigs, so for those planning on playing it soon it may be a good idea to get the download process started when possible.

In addition to the update, 343 Industries has also teased the arrival of a beta for their upcoming Firefight mode that will last from April 14th – April 18th, and is open to anyone with a copy of the game. This beta will feature cooperative play with up to eight players on the “Escape from A.R.C.” Warzone map where they’ll be pitted against AI enemies for up to five rounds per match.   Unlike previous iterations of Firefight it appears that objectives will be given to players during each round that will increase the difficulty of the match as opposed to the skull modifier system from past games.

“Ghosts of Meridian” represents the latest content update to Halo 5 with the next update, “Memories of Reach” slated to be next in line. And while no release date has been given 343 Industries has teased that their next update will feature the Infection gametype.

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