Rumor: Batman May Return Yet Again; Tune In Tomorrow Same Bat-Time to Find Out


EDIT: As of this edit on April 19th there appears to be no sign of the Bat. Like a defeated James Gordon it is, for the moment at least, time to shut off the light and call it a night on this latest spur on this illusive collection.

ORIGINAL STORY: Insanity is defined (more or less) by the notion of repeating something with the expectation of something will change. In some cases developers are counting on the notion of HD remakes to be taken in by fans with the same fanfare the original release did. And if a leaked email sent to Eurogamer is to be trusted then we may all find ourselves happily returning to the serious house on a serious earth with glee. Yes it seems as though Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are returning as an HD collection.

If this leaked image is legitimate then we’ll be finding out tomorrow whether or not it’s true as pre-orders for the collection will become available April 19th.

Among the details listed in the image are a June 10th release date, all DLC included for the two games, and “optimized visuals.” Apparently this bundle will be coming out on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


Interestingly, the leak is being reported by a Gamestop employee who sent the press release to a European website. Even the release date image reflects the dating system over there when the Gamestop brand is inherently American based. And that being said, if this was legitimate then the game should have gone live for pre-orders over there by the time of this post. It’s not clear if the leak itself is just the image within with the Gamestop employee typing the bullet points to appeal to the site they’re delivering the information to. Either way, these latest rumors of a resurgent Batman Arkham game could be laid to rest tomorrow here in the States. We’ll find out tomorrow together, same Bat Time, same Bat-channel.


Source: Eurogamer

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