Gears of War 4 Special Editions, Season Pass Announced


Gears of War 4 Collector’s Edition

Gears of War 4’s Ultimate and Collector’s Editions are now available for pre-order, along with a Season Pass, the game’s developer The Coalition announced.

The Ultimate Edition is priced at $99.99 and presented in a steel-book. A season pass is also included at a discounted price. Season passes are retailed at $49.99 separately. Players with the Ultimate Edition also get to play the game earlier than Standard owners ($59.99) on October 7th, the Friday before the game’s October 11th release date.

Season Pass details provide a clear idea of what The Coalition is planning for the game’s future. Players will get “permanent access to 24 additional DLC maps (two per month for a year) for private play on dedicated servers.”

Pass holders also get a “Developer Playlist” with early access to maps and modes. Also, they’ll receive a variety of character skins, weapons skins, emblems and equipment with six “Gear packs.”

The Ultimate Edition can be purchased digitally or physically. Both Standard and Ultimate editions include the “Vintage Del Gear Pack.” This includes a “vintage” game model of the game’s Delmont “Del” Walker character, plus a couple weapons skins and something called a “Vintage Del bounty.”

Now, the Collector’s Edition includes everything previously listed and a miniature statue of the main character JD sitting on a COG motorcycle. Also, buyers are getting grenade key-chains, a lithograph and a “premium packaging box” to hold it all in. The special edition retails at $249.99.

Can’t wait for October? Check out the recently released multiplayer trailer for the game.


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